Costumer Bonussystem

Benefit from our bonus systems! Secure your benefits with one of our unique customer bonus systems. For example, free shipping, purchase on account or great free products. Make your selection and send us an inquiry after fulfilling the requirements. We will check your request and activate your bonus system.

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Loyalty bonus program

A customer account is required, guest orders do not count

If you have a total order value in your customer account, you can now secure a discount code

From 500 € 5% discount code

From 1000 € 10% discount code

From 1500 € 20% discount code

This can always be redeemed as soon as a value has been reached, then the value is set back to 0 and you start all over again. It is impossible that you can get this one after the other, there must be at least 2 orders in between

Regular customer

    free shipping (from 20 €)
    Shipping for only 50% of the shipping costs for customers within the EU
    You can buy the goods on account (goods are sent with the order you have 14 days to pay (only one invoice is issued until payment))

To become a regular customer, you must have completed 5 orders with a purchase value of at least € 20.

Premium customer

    All regular customer benefits
    no billing limit
    Free products for your next order (see below)

To become a premium customer, you must be a regular customer with at least 15 completed orders with a total value of € 750 or more.

Free products for premium customers:


1x display that is available every 6 months

Dragonball & Digimon & Magic the Gathering

Every 10 months 1x free display that is available

1x display that is available every 12 months