Yugioh! Code of the Duelist Display

Yugioh! Code of the Duelist Display

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• The new 2017 Starter Deck converted today’s digital technology into Dueling technology! In Code of the Duelist, more new techno-monsters are headlined by a Link Monster that lets you replace your destroyed monsters with fresh ones from your hand. Build the right formation, and you can Special Summon a monster from your hand by destroying your opponent’s monster in battle!
• Steal the spotlight with a chart-topping Link Monster! These monsters aren’t just the same old song and dance. With careful choreography, each Summon you make can reduce your opponent’s Life Points and increase your own Link Monster’s Attack Points!
• Step into the ring with a heavyweight Link Monster so intimidating, it takes the fight out of any monster with a DEF stat! Only monsters with no fear, or no DEF, can take on the champ, but it won’t be easy to Summon them because this Link Monster has 3 arrows that all point towards you!

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